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Quote1 A Wolverine appearance? How novel. Seriously, this is the third time I've run into you this week, Logan. Quote2
Iron Man

Appearing in "East Coast/West Coast, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "East Coast/West Coast, Part 2"

Iron Man runs into Wolverine on the Brooklyn Bridge, who is searching searching for the fugitive Cloak. Cloak drops the Runaways at the Saint Patrick's Cathedral. They meet Father Lamton and watch the surveillance tape of "Cloak" attacking Dagger. Cloak procures a glove from the scene of the crime, and Nico turns Old Lace into a bloodhound so he can track the scent for Gert and Victor.

Nico and Chase seek for those connected with the crime by pretending to be MGH buyers. They enter a pocket dimension, where a lady named "Bo" takes the Staff of One from Nico and they meet Pusher Man.

Meanwhile, Captain America asks a hospital worker if anyone has visited Dagger besides Cloak, and the man tells him about Father Lamton. Elsewhere, the Old Lace bloodhound seems to have picked up the glove's scent, leading them to an alleyway where they meet Spider-Man.

Solicit Synopsis

Field trip! For the first time in their young lives, the Runaways leave Los Angeles, and travel to New York City to help their old friend Cloak find the villain responsible for putting Dagger in a coma. What big-time heroes will the kids encounter on their tour through the Marvel Universe...? Eisner Award-Winning Best Writer Brian K Vaughan continues to keep fans guessing in this highly acclaimed series! Part 2 (of 4).


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