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Quote1.png Most people in life don't have great power, and the few that do are almost never responsible with it. The people who have the greatest responsibility are the kids with no power, because we're the ones who have to keep everybody in check. Quote2.png
Gertrude Yorkes to Spider-Man

Appearing in "East Coast/West Coast, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "East Coast/West Coast, Part 3"

Chase tells the Pusher Man that the Pride sent them to talk to him. Hoping to improve his relationship with the Pride, the Pusher Man gives Chase and Nico the name. Nico kisses Chase as soon as they escape, but he rejects her, saying he already has a girlfriend.

At a sushi bar, Gertrude and Victor talk with Spider-Man about Cloak. Spider-Man says the best thing to do would be for them to stay out of trouble while he works on the case. Chase and Nico enter the restaurant and order Spider-Man to get away from his "prisoners." Nico knocks Spider-Man out with a sleeping spell, reminding Gert and Victor that the Runaways do not trust adults. Nico says they are now looking for a hospital worker named Reginald Mantz, who bought Darkforce MGH the previous week.

At the Dagger's hospital room, a worker tries giving Dagger flower. She starts glowing, and the worker dissolves into a Cloak figure. Iron Man, Captain America, and Wolverine show up at Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Wolverine tells Father Lantom to get away from the child while withdrawing his claws.

Solicit Synopsis

Guest-starring the amazing Spider-Man! Traveling to New York City to help Cloak and Dagger, the Marvel Universe's newest teen heroes run into the Marvel's Universe's ORIGINAL teen hero. 'Nuff said!

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