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Appearing in "East Coast/West Coast, Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "East Coast/West Coast, Conclusion"

Most of the Runaways, except Molly Hayes, fly to Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Wolverine, Captain America, and Iron Man tell Father Lantom they are looking for Cloak. Molly punches Wolverine out of the cathedral, telling Cloak to run for it while she holds the rest of the New Avengers. Cloak refuses, saying he is sick of running. As he turns himself in, Iron Man receives a message that Cloak's impostor has been spotted in Dagger's hospital room.

Reginald Mantz, assuming Cloak's powers with MGH, absorbs Dagger's healing light. Luke Cage and Spider-Woman show up to stop him, but the cloaked man easily overpowers them. On the hospital roof, Mantz encounters the Runaways. He absorbs Nico's sunburst spell, and knocks Gert off the side of the building, though Victor saves her. Chase uses the Staff of One to cast a detoxification spell on Mantz, causing him to lose his powers regular form. Cloak returns the team to Los Angeles as the NYPD surround the hospital.

Elsewhere, a group of four people surveil the Runaways with an "eye-spy" cauldron. One person uses the Pride's book The Abstract, to predict that one of the Runaways will die by the year's end.

Solicit Synopsis

Good-bye, New York City! It's the stunning conclusion to East Coast/West Coast, as the Runaways finally come face-to-face with the New Avengers AND the mystery villain who framed Cloak and attacked Dagger. See why Entertainment Weekly considers this series a MUST!

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