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Quote1.png I can't leave you kids alone for a second, can I? Quote2.png
Karolina Dean

Appearing in "Parental Guidance, Chapter Four"

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Synopsis for "Parental Guidance, Chapter Four"

Karolina and Xavin reveal to the team why they returned, and decide to stay with the team. Victor realizes that the Pride has used him as a spy cam with a broadcast from Nico's summer home. The team goes to the home to find that the Pride has left and taken all the weapons in the weapons closet with them. The team finds the Pride and a fight begins.

Solicit Synopsis

The penultimate chapter of "Parental Guidance!" The evil leader of the all-new Pride executes his REAL plan, and none of the Runaways will ever be the same. Check out the continuing adventures of the book the American Library Association named one of the Top Ten Books for Young Adults for 2006!

Plus, what sinister force is behind the New Pride? Find out when this issue's final cover is fully revealed!

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