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Quote1.png Sometimes you have to protect the people you care about. You taught me that. Quote2.png
Gertrude Yorke

Appearing in "Parental Guidance, Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "Parental Guidance, Conclusion"

Geoffrey Wilder was about to sacrifice Nico, whom he'd shot in front of Molly. But it turned out to be Xavin in disguise, who survived the bullets by shapeshifting her vital organs to a safe place in her body. While Geoffrey fought Xavin,the real Nico rescues Molly. While trying to escape, they accidentally set of one of Geoffrey's traps, causing the place to go up in flames. Chase runs in to help, and Gert and Old Lace follow him meanwhile, Victor uses his powers to take care of Hunter, Stretch and Lotus. Molly and Nico made it out of the fire while Victor was explaining to the New Pride how Geoffrey had tricked them. Chase got attacked by Geoffrey who tried to sacrifice his soul. But Gert stopped Geoffrey by telling him that Chase's soul wasn't innocent, so Geoffrey killed Gertrude with a dagger in an attempt to sacrifice her soul to the Gibborim. Chase knocked Geoffrey out. She bled to death in Chase's arms before she could tell him that she loved him. She also transferred her telepathic/empathic link with her deinonychus to Chase. The new Pride finally saw his intentions and gives up. Chase is heartbroken and leaves the team. Nico erased Geoffrey's memories of his visit to the future before sending him back to the past, where he discovered that the decoder ring was gone, though he had a second one. The Runaways bury Gert's body outside of the Hollywood sign. Chase was the one who stole the decoder ring so that he could figure out how to bring Gert back.

Solicit Synopsis

The shocking conclusion of "Parental Guidance" results in the death of a Runaway. 'Nuff said, true believers.

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