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Quote1.png See after Gert got killed...our Gert...Chase and Old Lace kinda ran away. We don't know if they're ever coming back. Quote2.png
Molly Hayes

Appearing in "Dead Means Dead, Chapter One"

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Synopsis for "Dead Means Dead, Chapter One"

The Runaways are coping with Gert's death in different ways. Nico and Victor begin a relationship, Molly asks the Leapfrog if Gertrude is in Heaven, and Karolina and Xavin begin to discuss the subject of death. Meanwhile, a former policeman who had been responsible for investigating the Pride sells a talisman owned by them to an elderly shopkeeper. The shopkeeper becomes a monster and rampages through Los Angeles, especially Starbucks shops. The kids then head out to stop it.

Solicit Synopsis

"Dead Means Dead", Chapter One (OF THREE)."Special guest artist Mike Norton (GRAVITY) joins the Runaways for this perfect jumping-on point for new readers, as the Runaways say good-bye to the past, and make hard decisions about their future.

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