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Quote1 Oh, there's definitely a question... but I don't think it's "where" Quote2
Victor Mancha

Appearing in "Dead-End Kids, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Dead-End Kids, Part 2"

The Runaways, the Punisher, and the winged monster engage in a fierce battle on the rooftops.

Meanwhile, Kingpin is watching from afar, mentally commenting to himself. His first thoughts are of the Punisher and his war on crime. He dismisses the notion that a man can win a war, only thrive, believing that the battle for New York had begun long before the city was named and will continue after he dies. He is certain that the Runaways have no clue as to the item he sent them to retrieve and he suspects that his client and her winged thug assume he doesn't know either. All what he knows now is that he must get that item to continue thriving.

The Runaways return to the Leapfrog to find Chase missing. A quick inspection of the area indicates he was hit by a missile strike. However, Molly tearfully rationalizes that he could've jumped off the building to avoid death and Old Lace would've gone after him, caught him and grabbed onto the building with her claws. As Karolina flies down to take a look, an argument breaks out between Nico and Xavin, Chase shows up and describes his experience to match Molly's theory. As Karolina rejoins them, Molly cheers that she was right, when suddenly the Punisher turns up behind her, guns drawn. Karolina asks if he would shoot kids. Punisher admits that it wouldn't be the first time and declares that since they stole something that didn't belong to them, no amount of reasoning will change his mind. However, Chase says he examined the device and determined it is futuristic and made by Gert's and his parents, thereby making it the property of the Pride, and insults Punisher. Clicking the safeties off his guns, Punisher asks if he has any powers, before receiving a super-punch from Molly in the stomach. As Punisher musters all his strength to remain standing while clutching his belly, the Runaways take their leave.

As they make their way back to their apartment in Leapfrog, Chase requests Leapfrog configure for the Overdrive device. Leapfrog address Victor as Master instead, before popping out a slot for the device to fit in. Though Molly insists they plug it in to see what it can do, Xavin strongly advises against it. Victor and Nico then deduce that Kingpin had played them and decide to flee town, unaware that the metal-winged man is following them.

Meanwhile, an elderly woman is sitting alone in her home, wondering whether the plan she set in motion will come to fruition and indicates that one of the Runaways is her true love.

Just as Nico, Chase and Xavin step into their apartment to gather their belongings, they flip the lights on to find that Kingpin and an army of ninjas waiting for them. Kingpin admits that why his client paid an outrageous fee to steal something that in every sense belongs to the Runaways is something he can't divulge, but he needs it badly, hence the ninjas. Chase asks if they get to know what Overdrive is, but Kingpin says that he's spare them if they hand it over. Chase passes it to Xavin, demanding their safety if he doesn't want Xavin to crush it, only for the ninjas to hold blades to his and Nico's throats. Kingpin admits that while he doesn't fault them for betrayal, he feels very offended for posturing. Suddenly, Karolina crashes in from about. A battle ensues. During the battle, Victor is thrown off the building, but is saved by the winged monster, who says that Victor has a message to deliver. Nico is cut severely, but uses the Staff of One to render the ninjas comatose. The team then escapes to the Leapfrog, only to spot a cluster of missiles bearing down on them, forcing them to plug the artifact in. Next thing they know, the Leapfrog hits the ground. Chase and Victor disembark to investigate the area. But they soon find that they are not in their time.

Solicit Synopsis

The kids continue their New York adventure and encounter someone dangerous that they've never met before. Hint-LOOK BEHIND MOLLY ON THE COVER. Will he punish the Runaways? Superstar Joss Whedon (Buffy, ASTONISHING X-MEN) and rising star Michael Ryan (NEW X-MEN, NEW EXCALIBUR) continue a tale that will take the Runaways somewhere they've never been before! PART 2 (of 6)!


  • When Nico's spell phases the group through the roof into the room below, Molly's exclaiming "we totally Shadowcatted" forms a verb out of Kitty Pryde's mutant alias.

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