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Synopsis for "Dead-End Kids, Part 3"

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Has there always been a "Runaways?" No. Then what does the above cover mean? You're going to have to read it to find out, True Believers. Joss Whedon (ASTONISHING X-MEN, Buffy) and Michael Ryan (NEW EXCALIBUR) bring you more twists and turns as the Runaways go somewhere they've never been before.


  • The date on the newspaper that Xavin purchases is June 27, 1907, but the boy selling the paper talks about Typhoid Mary being captured. While he describes her capture coming after a fight (she didn't want to be quarantined, so it's accurate), she was actually arrested on March 19, a full three months prior.
  • As the Runaways walk through the city, people can be seen protesting against sweatshops, which were known to be dangerous to work in (they often lacked proper ventilation, means of escape in case of fire, and workers were often kept inside for more than ten hours a day). While the fire that breaks out in this issue is fictional, a better-known example of this would be the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911.
  • The speaker at the sweatshop protests bears a strong resemblance to the famed anarchist Emma Goldman.
  • The Yellow Kid is a direct reference to, and probably intended as the basis for, the first truly popular comic strip character, The Yellow Kid.
  • Dale Yorkes mentions the High Evolutionary having a breakdown in "two thousand and--" but is cut off before stating the entire year.


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