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Appearing in "True Believers, Chapter Four"

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Synopsis for "True Believers, Chapter Four"

The Runaways and Gert's future self, Heroine, are approached by Ultron and Victor's future self, Victorious. Victorious kills Heroine, who dies in Chase's arms without being able to finish saying "I love you" to him. Just then, Victor breaks into the room and teams up with the Runaways. Then, the hero group Excelsior enters the room and the two teams team up against Ultron.

Solicit Synopsis

Racing back to their new secret hideout beneath the La Brea Tar Pits, the Runaways must decide whether the dangerous Victor Mancha is going to be their first prisoner, or their newest member. Plus, a major Marvel Universe villain shows up claiming to be Vic's father... but is he telling the truth? Part 4 (of 6)

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