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Your bracelet? But that's how you control your powers!
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No, it's how I hide my powers. But where I'm going, I'll never have to do that again. I can finally stop pretending to be something I'm not.
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Appearing in "Star-Crossed, Chapter Two"

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Synopsis for "Star-Crossed, Chapter Two"

The Runaways overpower Xavin in a battle. Xavin continues pursuing them and tells Karolina to hear him out on the Capitol Records Building. He realizes that he can not make her marry him, but says that he believes that it will end as a long dispute between their two alien races. Karolina reveals that she likes girls, so Xavin shapeshifts into a female form. Karolina then agrees to join him, and the two leave Earth.

Solicit Synopsis

A sinister plan set into motion years ago by the Runaways' evil parents finally comes to a head. To protect not just Earth but the entire Marvel Universe, one young member of the team must make the ultimate sacrifice.

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