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Quote1.png The last time I saw my uncle it was in my rearview mirror and he was lying dead in the road. And I know he was dead. Because I killed him. Quote2.png
Chase Stein

Appearing in "Homeschool: Part Two - Functions and Relations"

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Other Characters:

  • Violet
  • Walton

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  • Unidentified Aircraft

Synopsis for "Homeschool: Part Two - Functions and Relations"

Nico attempts to calm a raging Klara, but her use of tranquilizing magic doesn't go over well with Molly, who is reminded of her own parents' abusive use of telepathy. Meanwhile, Victor and Karolina try to reason with Chase, who has literally lost his better half and thus thinks that a less gentle solution to the team's sudden weed problem might be in order. Meanwhile, the house gets some not-so-welcome guests.

Solicit Synopsis

Home-Schooling” One has fallen. The life they’ve built is coming apart at the seams. Can the kids hold themselves together and make it through this? Who is Hunter Stein and what is in the mystery box that he’s after? Part 2 (of 4).


  • There have been allusions to Chase killing someone in the past. The first allusion to this was in Runaways Vol 1 11.

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