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Synopsis for "Rock Zombies (Conclusion)"

The Runaways were in the middle of the street fighting against a giant monster made from zombified human beings. Chase, Karolina, and Nico were taking turns attacking the monster until it fell apart.

Next, the Runaways went to the mall in order to look for the KZIT radio station inside to find that it had been closed. Using her powers, Molly broke the glass off of the door. When they entered the building, they began to hear a sound and went to investigate its source. As they walked further into the mall, they found a zombified Lydia, who almost fell out of a window, only to be saved by Karolina.

At midnight, Klara and Molly Hayes went to Val Rhymin's concert disguised as his zombies. The Runaways decided to wait to hear what Rhymin had to say as the police were watching him. As one of the officers overheard Rhymin say that he intended to turn his loyal "radio zombies" into real zombies, he ordered his fellow officers to lock off all of the exits. Suddenly, Nico and Karolina swooped in to confront Rhymin. Additionally, Nico also encountered Mother from the California Witchcraft Community, who easily subdued her, took her staff, and trapped her with an anaconda. As Mother declared that the staff was his, a dragon swooped in and ate him, before disappearing into the staff. In order to reverse Rhymin's spell over his "radio zombies", the Runaways reversed his song that he used to entrance them.

By the time that the sun was up, Molly was sitting down on a couch with Chase and Klara, playing video games.

Solicit Synopsis

Chase's boss, evil shock-jock Val Rhymin, has raised a magical army of plastic-surgery zombies and is taking over Los Angeles by force. Only the Runaways can stop him. Don't miss the exciting conclusion of Terry Moore's (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) run, pardon the pun, on RUNAWAYS!


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