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Seeking to reclaim his Runestaff, Kamo Tharnn began moving his planet across space, eventually bringing it close enough to Earth's sun to feel faint warmth from Sol. To stop the Null-Life Bomb, the Stranger, who did not realize the Runestaff had been brought to Earth, transported Los Angeles' Champions to Kamo Tharnn's world. Hercules swiftly identified the world, while Tharnn recognized Hercules' voice, vowing the one who stole his Runestaff would die. As the other Champions defeated Tharnn, Darkstar and Iceman arrived on Earth, within the Null-Life bomb in which the Stranger had become trapped, and informed him that the Runestaff was still on Earth. Sensing the Runestaff's location, the Stranger opened a rift in the hyper-space within the bomb's dimensional wall, and Darkstar reached in and claimed the Runestaff from a broom closet in Midtown Hospital. Under the Stranger's instruction and with his own power added to hers, Darkstar added the Runestaff's power to the Null-Life Bomb's energies, forcing it to grow faster than it had been designed to do; the expansion exceeded the bomb's programming, effectively driving it mad, and causing it to expand forever into cosmic nothingness. The bomb thus somehow ceased to affect the physical world, releasing all those previously trapped within it. The Runestaff was not seen during Darkstar's recovery or the Stranger's departure[1].

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