Running Fish was a young half-Mexican Apache warrior who was the sole survivor of a tribe slaughtered by the U.S. Cavalry who were in pursuit of the Two-Gun Kid and Marcel Fournier. He tracked the duo to San Diego where they planned on taking a cargo freighter northwards on their way to Alaska. After helping to rescue them from the U.S. Calvary, Running Fish joined forces with the two fugitives to help them with their quest. They were also later joined by Hijiro Nguri a renegade Japanese Samurai. The quartet managed to evade their pursuers and destroy a mountain filled with above-ground crude oil that several corrupt businessmen and countries were trying to locate to control the world economy. Seemingly killed, the group actually survived the blast and remained together for a time as the Sunset Riders.[1]

The group drifted apart after a short time and Running Fish eventually returned to the Apache people to fight alongside Geronimo .[2] His subsequent activities are unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Running Fish is a gifted archer, and was trained by the Two-Gun Kid, using the archery tips he had received from Hawkeye.



Rifle and bow and arrows; also Running Fish was given some of Hawkeye's special arrow tips by the Two-Gun Kid. See Hawkeye.


Running Fish rode a horse

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