Running Wolf was a Native American warrior of a Pawnee tribe during the days of the American Frontier. He was the son of the tribal medicine man Snake Fang. Running Wolf was in constant competition with chief Bear-That-Walks son Arrowhead in skill, and successor of the tribe. Both men also sought to win the love of the girl named Doe Eyes. The order of the tribe changed drastically when Snake Fang staged a coup of the tribe, hiring a white trader to murder Bear-That-Walks, so that he could take over the tribe. Succeeding in this, and with Arrowhead rushing off to face soldiers at Sutter's Fort, Snake Fang took over the tribe and began trading its gold for alcohol. Arrowhead returned and learned of Snake Fang's plot, slaughtering him and the trader, making him a renegade to his people[1].

In Arrowhead's absence, Running Wolf took over the tribe, insuring that Arrowhead remained an outlaw. Shortly after his exile, Arrowhead was injured fleeing the authorities and was brought back to the Pawnee village by his friend Andy Crockett for medical attention. When Arrowhead fulled healed, Running Wolf blamed Arrowhead for murdering his father but Arrowhead pointed out his family's duplicity in murdering his father and challenged Running Wolf to a battle to the death. Although Arrowhead won, he spared Running Wolf's life vowing to get revenge against him at a later date, leaving in order to clear his name for murders he did not commit[2].

Since that battle, there are no further recorded encounters between Running Wolf and Arrowhead, their conflict is seemingly unresolved and his ultimate fate is unrevealed.

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