The man that would become known as Innards' life was a tragic one. He was murdered by an unknown assailant but was resurrected by a Voodoo priest. In his new undead form he had the ability to use his internal organs as weapons. [1]

Innards was a member of the terrorist group known as Hydra. He worked in the division known as the Department of Occult Armaments or D.O.A. along with, Rotwrap, Pyre, Malpractice and Belial. One of Innards' first missions with the team was to execute three con artists: Madame Jasmine, Moorek and Bronkson. [2]

D.O.A. first encounters the Nightstalkers when they track down team member Hannibal King to kidnap as the lab rat for their experiments. Hydra needed his blood to develop and army of vampiric stormtroopers. They failed and he had to survive a fall from a hot air balloon. When the D.O.A returned to the Hydra base they were severely punished by Baron von Strucker for their failure.[3]

Later when Belial finds a body recently bitten by a vampire he teaches Innards the art of Icthyomancy.[4] Innards was also involved with the team when they stole Suze Harlow's body from her grave. He then worked with Rotwrap to take out Jeb Harlow.[5]

After Sin took over control of the D.O.A, Innards was part of a team that attacked Valkyrie, lead by Crossbones, to steal the hammers of the Serpent that Valkyrie had collected. During the battle, Crossbones thought he saw Innards and Malpractice die and left without them. Innards managed to survive the fight but was tortured by Valkyrie, who threatened, "Do you think death can protect you from me?"' Innards has not been seen since. [6]


Innards possesses superhuman strength, durability and other various abilities thanks to his occult practises and use of dark magic.

Oragan Removal Innards is able to remove his vital organs from his body and use them for various offensive purposes. His intestines can be used to strangle and whip enemies, his stomach acid is used to burn through locks and he removes his heart to spray them with his blood which can disorient them thanks to the adrenaline in his his body.

  • Real name revealed in Fear Itself: The Fearless Hardcover.

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