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A resident of the small town of Dark Willow, West Virginia, Rupert Kingsley was a young, single doctor who recently returned home from medical school, who found himself surrounded by the violence of a mining community trying to organize a union to achieve safer working conditions. Wanting nothing more than to help others and to ask out his dream girl, Liz Berry, he was visited twice weekly by his mother and did his best to keep his head down. Reading of the adventures of New York City's new masked vigilantes, the Operative and Revenant, he began wishing he could be more like them: more heroic and more of a doer. In an attempt to help the miners, he found himself stopped by policemen who were in the pockets of the mine owners. Kingsley, who was afraid of the town's sheriff, found himself largely unable to help for fear of violence against him. When one of the union's top organizers' sons asked for Kingsley's help in treating his father, he went, scared of the repercussions that would follow but determined to do the right thing. Treating the man and returning home, he finally thought he'd overcome his fears and gained the confidence he'd long sought. That night, however, he awoke to flames as his home burned down around him. Escaping through the flames, but severely burned in the process, he used pain killers kept in a medical bag in his car to suppress the pain. Steeling himself for what he needed to do and wrapping himself in gauze and wearing a surgeon's uniform, he vowed to "prevent the spread of infection". He went to the local sheriff's department, where he maimed several deputies before confronting the sheriff himself, who he proceeded to torture to find out who was behind the anti-union attacks.[1]

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Learning the man responsible was located in New York City, he made his way there and began tracking down members of the mysterious Board, whose members owned the mine in his small town. He eventually tracked down a man also sought by his heroic idols. Not knowing this, he killed the man after learning what he could. When confronted by the arriving Operative and Revenant, he attempted to stun them with his anesthetic-filled syringes. Avoiding the thrown needles and mortified by the dissected corpse, they grabbed the Surgeon and took him to a nearby rooftop, where he told them the man was responsible for kidnapping numerous children, and informed them that his entire town had been wiped out by the man they all sought.[1]

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Separating from the trio, the Surgeon discovered Achilles in New Jersey as he attempted to gain information the General. The duo decided to assist each other in finding their common enemy, eventually rescuing Aviatrix, Revenant, and the Operative from the General, Nox, and her werewolf children.[2]

Following weeks of fruitless searching, the heroes tracked the General to his headquarters located in the Empire State Building and stopped his attempt to kill numerous children in a blood sacrifice, a battle that resulted in the death of both the General and Achilles. The surviving heroes decided to stay together to fight crime.[3]


Skilled surgeon and doctor.


Scalpels, syringes full of various anesthetics.

  • Instead of drinking, the Surgeon injects alcohol directly into his veins using one of his many syringes.[3]

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