Ruriko Tsumura was a gentle artist from Japan who was on a pleasure cruise when the boat exploded. She was washed up ashore, and was found by the Freakmaster, who replaced much of her mangled body with cyborg parts, and she was renamed Steel Wind. She felt honor-bound to serve the Freakmaster, who sent her to disrupt and ruin a series of carnivals. During the course of these missions, Steel Wind came into conflict with the demonic hero Ghost Rider. Steel Wind was subjected to Ghost Rider's hellfire and rendered comatose. [citation needed]

Ruriko's sister Sadae made a deal with Centurious to restore Ruriko, and in return was also turned into a cyborg, known as Steel Vengeance. [citation needed]

Steel Wind later showed up as a member of the all-female army of supervillains the Femizons, and helped attack the heroes Captain America and Paladin, who were investigating the group. [citation needed]

Later, Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance teamed up to attack a carnival, when they again clashed with Ghost Rider, but failed. In retaliation for this failure, Centurious killed Steel Vengeance. [citation needed]

Steel Wind later turned against Centurious, and was about to kill him when Ghost Rider convinced her not to. She rode off, to places unknown. [citation needed]

At some point, a Scourge of the Underworld failed in his mission to kill Steel Wind, and was executed by his employer the Red Skull as a result. [citation needed]


When her body was converted into a cyborg, Steel Wind gained superhuman strength and durability.


Steel Wind is a skilled combatant, and motorcyclist.

Strength level

When Steel Wind was converted into a cyborg, her strength was increased to superhuman levels, enabling her to lift around 10 tons.


Steel Wind has ridden a variety of hi-tech motorcycles, which have been armed with weapons including missiles and laser blasters. One of these cycles even combined with her cyborg body.


Steel Wind has been seen to use weapons including energy beam weapons, energy blades, and wrist-mounted claws.

  • Steel Wind's real name was revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Hardcover Vol. 4.

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