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Rus Vanir
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Surroundings of the Aquilonian Fort of the Taiga Wood, far north of the Eiglophians, Vanir Marches, Vanaheim

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Vanir tribe

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The Rus Vanir were a tribe living far north of the Eiglophians, in Vanaheim, and more exactly on the Vanir Marches.

They besieged the Fort of the Taiga Wood, established by the Aquilonians when they pushed their frontier there, and maned by Centurion Vadis of the Ninth. They had his slave bribed with Vanirgeld for him to use arsenic on Vadis and his family. Those deaths were attributed to a curse cast by the Witch-Queen of the Rus Vanir.

Vadis was replaced by Lucius Vindictus. That very night, Vanir managed to infiltrate the fort, but Conan the Cimmerian, mercenary for the fort but chained outside, managed to kill a few, and the the attack was repelled by the Aquilonians. In the ensuing days, Conan helped them fight off the Vanir, first by denouncing the slave's treachery, then by using a bow he took from an Hyrkanian chieftain to slay the Witch-Queen, using a Rosetree shaft (a wood sacred to the Vanir). The next day, the Vanir used a ram mounted on skis to breach the fort, and slaughtered everyone in it save for Conan and Lucius Vindictus who managed to escape.[1]


Weapons: Ram mounted on skis.[1]

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