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Broxtel was a custodian at Stark Industries who would often work nights in order to access the computer files beneath the notice of the professional personnel. Broxtel then stole the plans for the costume and weaponry of the villain Firebrand and reconstructed it through unrevealed means.[2]

Later, Broxtel was among an army of super-villains hired by R.A.I.D. as part of a terrorist attack on the city of London.[3] He was teamed up with Boomerang and charged with attacking Heathrow Airport, though they were stopped by the combined efforts of the Arabian Knight and Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. The villains did succeed, however, in giving R.A.I.D. agents enough time to hijack a plane which they planned to use as part of their terrorist activities. Luckily, the plane was soon rescued by Union Jack and Sabra.[4]


Russell was next seen committing insurance fraud for the Maggia and was tracked down and confronted by Spider-Man in a junkyard. The resulting fight lit some of the petrol in the broken down cars in the junkyard and created an explosion which knocked out and burned both Firebrand and Peter. They were taken to a secret underground criminal hospital called Black Lodge where they would heal. However, the Surgeon General soon discovered that Spider-Man wasn't a criminal and they set up all the villains in the hospital to kill him. Peter still managed to defeat them, and realizing that they needed help, one of the nurses tried to shock Firebrand in order to get him to wake up. Instead, this backfired and Firebrand's body detonated, destroying the hospital and forcing everyone else to flee.[5]


Power Grid[7]
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  • Firebrand Battlesuit:
    • Enhanced Abilities: Firebrand has micro-circuited motors in his costume that increase his strength.
    • Body Armour: Firebrand’s body armour offers some protection from physical and energy attacks.
    • Resistances: Firebrand’s armour offers a high degree of resistance to fire.
    • Heat Beam: Firebrand can project heat beams from twin wrist projectors. The projectors can fire independently, or combine blasts into an intense concerted blast. A network of smaller projectors located throughout his suit allows him to emit fire from any portion of his costume. By igniting his entire costume at once, he can create a heat blast, which affects everyone in his area.
    • Flight: Firebrand is able to fly thanks to thermal jet devices.
    • Life Support: Firebrand has a 30 minute air supply.


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