Dr. Russel Tresh was one of the scientists working with Emma Frost on a mutant research project for the United States government. Tresh specialized in brain functioning, the subconscious, and dream manipulation, and stole information about Frost's Dream Machine. When Frost discovered Tresh was performing illegal and unethical experiments on mutants, he was fired from the program, and furious that more action was not taken, Frost also left.[1]

Tresh was eventually was recruited to research and development by Robert Ralston, an executive and board member for an advertising company. Tresh created subliminal messages to sell Slick Lips lipsticks, Coffinnail cigarettes, and Virtual Fighter video game. Tresh also continued his work on duplicating Emma Frost's Dream Machine.[1]

When Ralston and the other board members rejected Tresh's Dream Machine concept, Tresh went rogue, killing Ralston by entering his dreams and convinced him to jump off a building. Tresh was later arrested, but was physically disconnected from the Dream Machine trapping him in the Dream Dimension. To escape, Tresh manipulated Skin into helping him then double crossed him planning to vivisect his brain. Jubilee and the rest of Generation X were able to ultimately defeat Tresh, killing his consciousness in the Dream Dimension and leaving his comatose body in the Williamstown State Mental Institution.[1]

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Tresh was born human with no metahuman abilities, but through repeated and prolonged use of the Dream Machine, Tresh began to master psychic control of the Dream Dimension.




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