Hurricane agrees to accompany the Holden expedition into the Mato Grosso, where they will join a Doctor Clay, who is battling a strange body wasting disease that is killing thousands there daily. Hurricane soon learns that the green plague was created by his old nemesis Pluto who has convinced the Jivaro Headhunters to help destabilize the region and prevent all attempts to contain the plague.

While Ruth Holden and Ralph Rand work on a cure, Hurricane goes looking for Dr. Clay but learns that he was captured by the Jivaro. Tracking them down he not only finds that the Jivaro had killed Clay, but also captured Holden and Rand. Using his powers to blast through the Jivaro strong hold, Hurricane creates a pair of wings to fly Holden and Rand to safety while he brings the Jivaro's fortress down around them. With the castle destroyed and a cure made for the green plague, Hurricane flies off into the air.[1]

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