Rutland is a city in Vermont that became a cultural icon for hosting an annual Halloween parade where participants dressed as superheroes. The parade was founded by the late Tom Fagan who normally dressed as Detective Comics' Batman. When he is potrayed in the Marvel Universe Tom wore the costume of Nighthawk on Halloween. On Earth-616. Several members of the Marvel Bullpen (Roy Thomas, Jean Thomas, Steve Englehart, and Gerry Conway) have also attended the Halloween celebration.

Rutland's annual superhero themed Halloween parade

On Earth-616, Tom Fagan is a friend of the mighty Thor and the Avengers. The Avengers have participated in the parade on at least two occasions [1] [2]. The area is noted to have a mystical persona. This may explain why a number of supernatural beings (Dormammu, the Enchantress, Juggernaut, and Loki have hatched their sinister plots in the area. Cult members have gathered to worship Dormammu in Rutland in the Bald Mountain area. [3]

Tom Fagan aka "Nighthawk" meets Hank "The Beast" McCoy

When Loki became incapacitated after being blasted by the Evil Eye, Tom Fagan cared for the infantile Loki for some time. Thor has noted that the climate and area of Rutland is well-suited to Asgardians. [4]

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