Ry'lor was the last king of Vyr'lgm'sh dynasty who ended up stranded on Earth thousands on years ago. Here, he discovered two warring tribes. Instead of conquering, he assumed human form using telepathy and became peacemaker. He became their god and shared with them his technology, but they turned on him when they believed they no longer needed him. This angered Ry'lor who lost control and killed everyone in the tribes. When his rage subsided, he felt sorrowful for what he had done and exiled himself to an island in the Pacific and protected the islanders from outsiders. Thousands of years later, X-Force ended up on his island and awakened him who had been sent there by Astarte and Electryon who wanted Ry'lor's power. Dani Moonstar became trapped in his temple, so he taught her how to control the quantum energy that was running through her body. Once X-Force had defeated the Astarte and Electryon who had captured them, Ry'lor appeared and announced he was going to atone to the planets and people he had previously ravaged and flew his temple/spaceship away.[1]


  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Cosmic Energy Blasts
  • Superhuman Strength


Knowledge in advanced alien technology


Armor of unknown composition


An alien spaceship


Advanced weapons

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