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Ryker's Island, located in the East River between the mainland Bronx and the borough of Queens, was the site of a New York prison which housed super-villains prior to construction of the Vault and other prisons for empowered criminals. Wardens included Superintendent Carlson,[3] Michaels,[4] and Percy Alexander Rue.

The Cellar Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 1 001

As The Cellar

After its destruction, Empire Unlimited and its head, Augustus Roman, rebuilt the prison and dubbed it "The Cellar".[5] Following the defeat of Roman after his identity as the supervillain Regent was exposed,[6] the Cellar was returned to its previous status as Ryker's.[7]

Alternate realities[]

The Spectacular Spider-Man (Earth-26496)[]

Ryker's Island is a state prison located in New York City harbor. It was powered down in a breakout caused by Electro. The Vault acts as a specialized and secret portion of Ryker's Island designed for superpowered inmates.[8]

X-Men/Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Earth-92131)[]

Ryker's Island was called Rooker's Island, a regular prison which wasn't exclusively supposed for super-villains. Both Richard Fisk and Tombstone were sent there for their respective crimes. The two teamed up and Richard used his connections to frame Robbie Robertson for Tombstone and had him sent to Rooker's. They then tried to escape but Spider-Man saved Robbie and the other two were sent back to prison.

By 1997, the name was changed to Ryker's Island, where former federal agent Henry Gyrich resides following the alleged murder of mutant rights activist Charles Xavier.



  • Ryker's Island is based on the real-world Riker's Island correctional facility.

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