Rynda was the wife of Agon, the ruler of the Inhumans and mother to Black Bolt and Maximus.

Exposed herself and her fetus to the Mists

During pregnancy, she and Agon exposed her unborn son to the Mists, creating one of the most powerful Inhumans ever. As a result, he was quickly isolated at birth.[1]

Like her husband, she was killed when a Kree starship crashed into their laboratory.[2]


Rynda's gift was immunity to poison, that she learned to control as the ability to filter what entered her body. By pushing her power to the limit, she was able to breathe Terrigen Mist without risking Secondary Terrigenesis, while making them "more sacred" by allowing no impurities, no imperfections, and directing them to her unborn child in the womb, and even to the fetus' brain.[3]

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