Ryoko Sabuki was a survivor of her domain that was reconstructed into the paradise called Salvation by three of Ultron's former pawns: the Human Torch, Vision, and Wonder Man. During her time in Salvation, Ryoko grew very close to Jim Hammond and the pair married with Ryoko eventually becoming pregnant.

The three founder's recruited a version of Hank Pym that was exiled to the Deadlands and brought him back to their refuge in hopes that Pym might help them find a way to stop Ultron permanently.

As Ryoko returned as well, she was introduced to Hank who thought that Ryoko was a Celestial due to her amazing abilities. Jim explained to her that Hank came from a province where things are not as advanced scientifically or socially. Ryoko welcomed Hank to Salvation regardless and told Jim to invite him over for dinner when they were done.[1]

Ryoko Sabuki (Earth-93787) from Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies Vol 1 3 001

Radiance against the Zombies

Later on Ryoko was approached by Jim who was worried that she wan't feeling okay due to the pregnancy but she assured him that she was okay. However, Ryoko wondered if he was happy about becoming a father. He told her that he was scared because of his origin, he wondered how much human or how much synthetic would the baby be. She told him that it will be what fate deems it so like when he saved her from the hordes of Zombies after she became exiled. Regardless of the tribulations that lie ahead of them, Ryoko said she has never been more happier.

After months of research, Pym figured a way to keep Salvation safe however, to accomplish their goal, the three founders of city would have to sacrifice themselves. Pym's plan was to use the refuge's force-field to absorb the Ultron Engine's hive consciousness, but he needed a greater mind to control them, the mind of the three founders combined.[2]

Ryoko Sabuki (Earth-93787) from Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies Vol 1 4 001

Radiance joins the fight

Jim knowing the oath he took when they created Salvation, went home to say his farewells to Ryoko. As they embraced each other for the last time, he suggested that they name their son Steve, after the bravest person he had ever known but Ryoko responded not a chance.

Ryoko Sabuki (Earth-93787) from Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies Vol 1 4 002

Ryoko and Jim together

During the conflict, Radiance fought against the legions of zombie/robot hybrids while her husband and the others prepped for their final act. But as Jim flew towards the convergence point, a modified Iron Cross blasted Hammond out of the sky so she could take his place in order to let Radiance have her husband while she would forever be by Wonder Man's side. The three of them thus became the boss consciousness for Salvation's shield that was now composed of the ever-vigilant Ultron Engine army, with the exception of Lord Ultron and the zombie leader Magneto, and life began anew for those still living including Ryoko and her family.[3]


Seemingly those of Ryoko Sabuki of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Ryoko Sabuki of Earth-616.

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