São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, South America.


Kang and the Scarlet Centurion monitored the chaos across the globe one event the Wizard was levitating a building.[2]

People queued up around the block of a stone in São Paulo from the release of Continuum®.[3]

Edwin Jarvis the Butler for the Avengers traveled through Underspace at the Infinite Avengers Mansion to gain ingredients from across the globe in a matter of moments. He traveled to Sao Paulo to buy the very best coffee beans.[4]

Blade attacked the Secret Assimilation Bunker in São Paulo. But he only finds ashes as the inhabitants had been burnt by the sunlight.[5]

Alternate Reality Versions

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

Spider-Man eventually defeated Dr. Octopus after they landed at Congonhas International Airport.[6]

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