The S-Bots are a series of robots varying in shape and size, created by Alistaire Smythe. They are created specifically to capture and contain cross-species, should any escape.



A Drone, armed with a shield

"Drones" are small, spider-like S-Bots. While very easily destroyed, they can either deploy a shield to protect themselves, or attach to an enemy an electrocute them. The drones are very common, and were seen very often throughout the Cross-Species outbreak.

The S-01

The S-01

The S-01 is a very large S-Bot. Despite its massive size, it is cripplingly flawed in design. A majority of its weak spots are very clearly exposed, and Spider-Man was able to take out it's navigation systems with minimal effort. It also seems it is easy to take out the joints in its legs. Although it appeared from the ground, it is unknown if it can actually burrow through the ground, or if it was simply placed below the city.

The S-02

The S-02

The S-02 is a very large (seemingly bigger than the S-01), snake-like S-Bot. It has been shown to burrow through the ground with minimal effort, and its lock-on beams are very fatal. It has 2 tentacles on both sides of its head, each with a claw at the end. It also relatively fast. Unlike the other S-Bots, however, this one appears to be very wild, and was shown to stray away from its target to attack a news chopper. The S-02 is incredibly powerful, and was nearly able to kill Spider-Man. Its weak spots are very difficult to hit, with two being very small and running alongside its body, and a large, red "core" inside it's mouth.

The Spider-Slayers

The Spider-Slayer (sometimes referred to as "The Hunter") is a squid-like S-Bot, capable of flight. While it is not as big as the S-01 or the S-02, it is notably faster than them, able to very easily outrun Spider-Man. It is able to fire quick, short bursts of electricity, and if given the opportunity, it will call for back-up. While earlier models were made to handle all cross-species, the later models were made exclusively to take out Spider-Man.

The S-03

Alistaire Smythe in the S-03

Unlike the previous incarnations, the S-03 is a suit. It has only been seen worn by Alistaire Smythe, but it is presumed that others may wear it as well. It seems to be capable of flight, or at least hovering. It has two mounted cannons on both shoulders. Despite its later appearances, it is relatively weaker than the S-02 and S-01, but still stronger than the Drones and Hunters.

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