Quote1.png How can I explain? Let's try this... Some years ago, one of those cosmic bullies managed to assemble an artifact which gave him total control of reality. Ultimate universal power in the palm of anyone's hand. The ability to achieve my goal in a single stroke. And I... who am somewhat skilled in manipulating ego-befuddled minds-- would have a chance to snatch it from him. A good chance. About fifty percent, by my best estimations. I did not intervene. It was only a fifty percent chance. More importantly, it was a fifty percent chance of annihilation, of turning all my creator's deed into crimes rather than brave, necessary steps. I will not idly throw away the universe best chance for peace. As in, me. The Drenx? Animals. Their schemes? Children Tantrums. Why ravage Earth without a good reason? The freedom they offered is less than what I have in this cell. Here, I am an advisor to one of the most important organization on the most singularly crucial planet in the cosmos. They would have attacked anyway. I gave them the base with the absolute minimum of casualties... an then aided in you taking it back. S.W.O.R.D. is close to intact the Drenx are crushed. I remain your humble servant[...] I possess a certain clarity. Oh--Hank! Pawn to D6. Mate in 17. Quote2.png
-- Unit

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With Agent Brand imprisoned, all hell breaks loose! Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers set out to destroy a group peaceful aliens while a war-like race is about to unleash the most intelligent and dangerous being in the universe! Now Brand herself is about to walk in a trap that could spell the end of everything she’s worked for…and her life!


  • Originally intended as an ongoing series, it was canceled with issue 5[1].

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