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One Nation Under Doom

SHIELD was created by Doom when he first invaded the Corporations' United States of America. He fused together all police forces, such as the Public Eye, the Eco-Cop, and the Watchdogs.

He appointed the Punisher, Jake Gallows, as head of this new police, who put his brutal law in place. SHIELD was quickly named the Punishment Police.

When the Punisher became crazy over his former ally Matt Axel's rebellion, he was seen as a menace by Doom, who informed his agent in SHIELD to kick him out of the organization and kill him.

Jillian Wong, Gallows' assistant, was knocked out to prevent her from helping him. She was rescued by him and facilitated his evacuation from Earth to space.

2099 A.D. Apocalypse

After Wave Spiders attacked the White House, SHIELD quickly changed sides, and under Herod's control and President Rogers, annihilated the super-human community, terminating the Punisher (Jake Gallows), Hulk (John Eisenhart), Metalscream (John Flamel), his apprentice Litany Kirkpatrick, and Galahad (Ethan Shields).

NyFax and many media stations who had received images of the various heroes' execution from an unknown source, revealed to be SHIELD itself, were then shut down and their staff quickly executed by firing squads. SHIELD had purposefully sent those images to the media to see which of them were "unamerican."

Herod additionally put the order to terminate all captured mutants in the inhabited areas.[2]



  • Xavier's Nightmare (X-Gene tester)[3]
  • Inhibitor Spikes: Massive spike to be planted in mutants' bodies, nullifying their powers [3]


Guns of different kinds, including:

  • Paralysers
  • HERF weapons: High Energy Radio Frequencies[4]
  • Ludgate: Guns who reduce to nothing the radiation of magic[4]


Jets-pack, Spider-Waves


SHIELD 2099 is not an acronym. In Punisher 2099 #33, 2099 editor Joey Cavalieri states: "There is specifically no punctuation in the spelling [of SHIELD], because it was a convenient and historically symbolic name."

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