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The SM-1 was designed by the Sub-Mariner and constructed by the Atlantean military in 1942 in response to Imperial Japan's use of two-men submarines in combat during World War II. Upon completion, Namor along with two of his soldiers traveled out to the Australian coastline where they battled Japanese troops. The periscope was blasted off early in battle, forcing the sub to surface. Although the ship took down a Japanese destroyer, it was struck by a torpedo, blasting its crew out of the ship, killing all aboard except Namor. Namor would use the sub's remaining depth charges, machine gun battery, and flamethrower against Japanese troops before it finally sank.[1]

It does not appear as though any further models of the SM-1 were constructed as Namor managed to fare better in that battle without the sub.


This submarine was designed with Atlantean physiology in mind; as such, it did not require to be filled with oxygen and could stay underwater indefinitely when manned with an Atlantean crew. Its maximum crew capacity was three men. Its top speed is unrecorded.


The SR-1 was armed with a torpedo bay, which fired six-inch-high velocity torpedoes (the ship could carry a maximum of six when fully manned), depth charges (maximum of two) fired from a y-gun, a .50 caliber machine gun, flamethrower, mortar launcher, and a net cutter.

Onboard Equipment

The sub had a wireless radio that had a direct connection with Atlantis and had a periscope.

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