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Sa'tneen was the daughter of Queen Ai'sha and princess of Ee'rath, a version of Earth in a different reality. Ee'rath was visited by a young mutant boy named Colin McKay who arrived from Earth-616 through a portal created by Widget. Colin's arrival was seen as a good omen by the locals, and Colin was accepted into Ai'sha's court. He was trained as a warrior by Ai'sha's adviser Zz'ria as he grew to maturity (time passed significantly faster on Ee'rath than on Colin's homeworld). Colin became a great warrior known as Kylun, while Sa'tneen developed mystical abilities. The two fell in love, with the queen's blessing.[1]

When the evil Necrom attempted to conquer their world, Sa'tneen was captured along with many of her subjects, but was rescued by Kylun. The two of them confronted Necrom, but were forced to battle their world's version of the superhero team Excalibur, made up of versions of the Black Knight, Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain Britain (there known as Yeoman UK), who had been killed by Necrom and resurrected as zombies to serve as his pawns. Kylun and Sa'tneen fought the zombified heroes, but when Sa'tneen attempted to fight Necrom himself, she was killed, dying in Kylun's arms.[2] Kylun pursued Necrom into a tower that existed across all realities, emerging in the version of the tower of Kylun's birth planet Earth-616, which was Excalibur's Lighthouse, the headquarters of that world's Excalibur. Kylun joined the team and helped them destroy Necrom, avenging Sa'tneen's death.[3]

Kylun buried Sa'tneen's remains in the grounds of Braddock Manor, Excalibur's headquarters after the lighthouse was destroyed.

Powers and Abilities


Sa'tneen possessed a certain degree of proficiency in wielding magic, and was able to perform such spells as firing mystical force bolts. She apparently had some ability in hand-to-hand combat.

Physical Strength

Sa'tneen apparently possessed normal strength equivalent to an Earth woman of her age, height, and build who engaged in moderate regular exercise.


Princess Sa'tneen is the alternate reality counterpart for Courtney Ross, Omniversal Empress Saturnyne, World Dictator Sat-Yr-Nin, Princess Anjulie, Queen Satyr-Nun, and the Queen Mother.

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