The Red Dog Project, led by Dr. Dorn, was made to create super-soldiers who were later used during the Pollution Wars. At the end, most of the Red Dog were terminated by the Project.

Saber Hagen was born from two passive Red Dog's genes carriers, legally Degens but less mutated, who were allowed to procreate and eventually gained right at the end of their copyrights.

However, Alchemax passed through those legal aspects to regain their genetics stock. To protect their son, the Hagen make him leave their house, before they were captured by Eco Corp. Gene Police agents, and used by the Dr. Dorn as experimentation subjects.[1] The Hagen contested their arrestation and asked help from their neighbours, which don't react.

Saber was taken in the Degen Hostel by the pitiful Matt Axel.

Matt Axel & Saber Hagen (Earth-928) from Punisher 2099 Vol 1 17 0001

Matt Axel taking care of Saber after his parents abduction

When he came to age, he left the Hostel, and crossed the way of a Total-Reality tripped man who was threatening a woman, without any reactions from the crowd. He fought the drug-addict, save the woman and finally murdered all the people for their reactions of admiration and their previous inaction. On this action, he took the name of Public Enemy.

Public Enemy File

He crossed the way of a Eco Police arrestation of two Degens. Again, witnessing the inaction of the people, who claimed to be powerless against the laws, he killed both police and crowd, and carried the Degens to the Degen Hostel.

His mass-murdering came to the ears of Jake Gallows and the Public Eye. During a criminal targeting, the Punisher was approached by Public Enemy. Saber once again terminated numerous inactive civilians, and Jake tried to kill him.

Matt Axel tried to convince both Jake and Saber to discuss, but the Punisher personality had the led on Jake's body and he tried to fight him, intending to terminate the Degen, and then Matt Axel.

The Red Dog was upon to win against the Punisher, but the crowd finally choose to self-defend, forming a mob and killing the Public Enemy, who stated he had accomplished his mission.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Prequel

Unbeknownst to the Punisher and Matt Axel, Saber survived, fighting against the mob who turned on herself, crazy, and who was attacked by the Public Eye's anti-riot cops.

He gave up his Public Enemy identity and tried to live a normal life, working at Don's Cyber Mart, but when his kind boss, Don, was shot by a gang in his shop, he neutralized them, and went out, to be acclaimed by another crowd of admirative watchers.

Saber give them his speech of disgust, about killing massive crowds to spread his stand-up message but frightened them. He left so, thinking of or not he should took again the role of the Public Enemy.


Born as a Red Dog, he possessed several powers, including at least:

  • Super-human strength
  • Super-human durability


Skilled combatant


His Red Dog's condition make him angry of murder


A high-tech van


He always carry a massive shot-gun.

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