Sable Manfredi is the daughter of the crimelord Silvio Manfredi. She was once in a relationship with Hammerhead when he worked for her farther. Ever since her father was imprisoned, she has been operating his declining empire.[1]

Silver Sable participated in the auction bid for a chip that had plans to build of army of super-rhino mercenaries alongside Hammerhead, Doc Ock, and Roderick Kingsley, an owner of a perfume company. However, she attacked Kingsley after he won the chip, when Rhino and Spider-Man interfered. She reluctantly teamed up with her ex boyfriend Hammerhead to defeat them. Silver Sable was defeated, but escaped.[1]

Later, she attends the Valentine Day's summit with her father Silvio Manfredi to decide the crime scene in New York, but Hammerhead tranquilized her, making her unconscious. While he blames it on Tombstone, starting a three-way fight between Tombstone, Doc Ock, and Silvio Manfredi.

She later woke up and was greeted by Hammerhead, who told her she had to be nice to him, leaving her trembling as he left. She managed to escape once again, leaving her father to be arrested.[2]


Seemingly those of the Silver Sable of Earth-616.


Various high-tech weapons and gadgets

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