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Appearing in "Death Hunt Pt. 1 Home is the Hunter"

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Synopsis for "Death Hunt Pt. 1 Home is the Hunter"

Sabretooth, aka Victor Creed, gets a ride to his mansion in Vancouver from Seattle in Psi-Borg's limo. The moment Sabretooth gets out and the limo drives away, Creed is attacked by a large group of the Hand. He fights them off but calls for his assistant Birdy, who shows up and kills the remaining ninjas with her over-sized machinegun.

Creed and Birdy return to the mansion and make their way to a hot tub where Creed relaxes and Birdy uses her psychic powers to review Sabretooth's newly surfaced memories; which were a gift from Psi-Borg. It is a memory of Victor when he was a kid, where his father wanted to kill him upon discovery of Victor's newly manifested mutant powers. Victor's mother tries to prevent it and gets her finger bit for her effort. His father attempts to remove Victor's teeth with pliers instead. The memory is embarrassing to Victor and he punches Birdy, knocking her unconscious.

Later, while Creed is sleeping, Birdy sneaks around the mansion and disables the security protocols. She opens the door to a huge tactical unit of soldiers who have come for Sabretooth. Creed wakes up and is able to fight back, even switching the security program back on and causing the deaths of many of the soldiers. However, the assault team proves too much for Victor and he is soon subdued with the use of tasers, steel nets, and horse tranquilizers.

Sabretooth wakes up on an operating table and is addressed by a heavily armored man who calls himself the Tribune. The Tribune tells Victor that he has had his surgeons working on Sabretooth to add upgrades to him, making him more powerful than before. He also had a bomb placed next to Sabretooth's heart. The Tribune demands that Sabretooth kill Mystique.

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Later, when Victor is sleeping


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