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Lieutenant in the SFPD and a member of the Clan of the Dragon, an organization that was seeking to crush the Yakuza crime organization. She frequently was involved in the adventures of Spider-Woman during the time in which the female adventurer was active in San Francisco. Due to a dragon tattoo on her back, Spider-Woman suspected Morrel of being a member of the Yakuza crime organization until she aided the Clan of the Dragon in crushing Ngueyen Ngoc Coy's organization in San Francisco.

When the mutant superheroes the X-Men were briefly based in San Francisco, their then leader Storm interuppted a street gang mugging a middle-aged couple. Storm took on the muggers and beat them all single-handedly. When Lt. Morrel arrived on the scene, she at first assumed Storm was one of the gang. Assured by the victims that Storm had saved them, Lt. Morrel told Storm that despite the X-Men's reputation as outlaws, as far as she was concerned, they were welcome to stay in San Francisco.


According to various apocryphal Marvel information sources, Sabrina Morrel was the unidentified woman seen following agents of the European Maggia crime families in Marvel Team-Up #65, and is responsible for a massacre of its leading members mentioned by Jean DeWolff in the following issue.

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