Sabu was a member of the Winzeldorf circus where he lived and worked together with Nightcrawler, Jimaine Szardos and Margali Szardos for many years. He was a master aerialist and trapeze artist and trained Kurt and Jimaine from their earliest childhood.

When Kurt Wagner decided to leave the circus, Sabu asked Jimaine if she would allow him to stand in for her in Nightcrawler's final performance. He always considered Kurt as his master pupil and Jimaine granted him his wish.

During the show, Sabu's trapeze snapped. Kurt couldn't save him by teleporting and Sabu fell to the ground and died. It was later revealed that his death was magically caused by Margali Szardos who took his life as a sacrifice in order to force her daughter Jimaine to follow the tradition of the Winding Way.


Sabu was a master aerialist and trapeze acrobat.

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