Quote1 Tie her to the stand and prepare the fires of sacrifice!! Quote2
-- The Sacred One src

The Sacred One was the leader of a voodoo cult that operated outside of New York City from a castle. One night he sent some of his minions to capture a young girl for sacrifice to the fire god that they worshiped. In doing so, they alerted the attention of the Angel, who came to the girl's rescue. Tracking the girl down, the Angel confronted the Sacred One and interrupted sacrifice. After avoiding Sacred One's hypnosis and one of his traps the cult leader became frightened of the Angel and — ironically – stumbled into his own trap door falling to his apparent death. With the Sacred One seemingly slain, his followers under his hypnotic control jumped into the same trap.[1]


The Sacred One had hypnotic powers that allowed him to take control of people. The number of people whom he can hypnotize is unknown, however he had an entire cult of followers forced into his control. They were all loyal and carried out his orders. Strong-willed individuals such as the Angel were able to resist his power for a short time.


The Sacred One's castle is rigged with trap floors in the sacrifice room and a pit trap under the entryway arch, causing unwanted vehicles to crash.

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