When her sister, Steel Wind was left insensate after being exposed to the mystical 'hellfire' of the demonic hero Ghost Rider, Sadae Tsumura made a deal with Centurious so that he would restore her sister, while turning Sadae into a cyborg called Steel Vengeance who would serve him.

Steel Vengeance went on to clash with Ghost Rider again, but when she failed to kill him, Centurious murdered her in revenge.


Steel Vengeance's strength and durability were boosted to superhuman levels when she was made a cyborg.


Steel Vengeance was a skilled motorcyclist, and had some ability in hand-to-hand combat.

Strength level

After her cyborg augmentation, Sadae's strength was boosted to the extent that she could lift around ten tons.



Steel Vengeance's cyborg form was equipped with retractable, wrist-mounted claws.

Steel Vengeance was an enemy of Ghost Rider.

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