Sadurang was an Asgardian Dragon who was located by Malekith the Accursed in a cave in the Snowstone Mountains of Jotunheim after spending centuries there in slumber. Malekith came there to beg a boon from Sadurang. In his conquest of came Midgard, Malekith asked Sadurang if he could destroy the Avenger Iron Man for him since the dark elf couldn't fight him due to his weakness to iron.

Sadurang (Earth-616) from Tony Stark Iron Man Vol 1 12 002

Sadurang in human form.

Sadurang refuted Malekith after the elf regarded him as only a apprentice, which angered the dragon because he was considered the best student of Dormammu. Malekith mentioned that Stark had a bunch of gold, which piqued Sadurang's curiosity. Sadurang agreed to Malekith's offer but reminded him if he betrayed him he would use the Second Eye of Agamotto on him.

Sadurang appeared at Stark Unlimited HQ in human form demanding to see Stark and his mounds of gold. When the employees told him that Stark wasn't in the building, Sadurang didn't believe him so he transformed into his natural dragon form and began killing the occupants inside the building.

Sadurang was attacked by James Rhodes in his Manticore vehicle but it wasn't enough against Sadurang. Suddenly Dr. Shapiro came from the other side in his own mech to attack the dragon holding him off long enough for Tony to show up in his Extremis armor. The battle didn't last long as Sadurang became overwhelmed by all of Stark's armored creations. He decided to retreat but promised that he would be back with the right kind of spells for their next encounter.[1]


Second Eye of Agamotto

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