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Quote1.png Do you know, I believe I'm salivating for the first time in a century. Yes, there's a distinct craving for the flesh of a king. Dark Elf, it turns out I am peckish after all. Where is this golden knight you speak of? Quote2.png


Sadurang was an Asgardian Dragon and a powerful sorcerer. He studied under Dormammu, and prided himself in being allegedly his favored student. Fueled by greed, Sadurang hoarded many riches, including powerful artifacts like Agamotto's Eye of Power.

After centuries of slumber in a cave in the Snowstone Mountains of Jotunheim, Sadurang was approached by the Dark Elf king Malekith the Accursed in preparation for his attack on Midgard during the War of the Realms. Malekith asked Sadurang to destroy the Avenger Iron Man for him due to the Dark Elves' weakness to iron. Sadurang agreed, motivated by Malekith's promises that his target was rich.

Sadurang in human form

Sadurang appeared at the Stark Unlimited HQ in human form demanding to see Stark and his mounds of gold. When a guard tried to force him to leave, Sadurang killed him. A security team was dispatched, prompting Sadurang to revert to his dragon form and scorch them with his fire breath. He proceeded to climb to the side of the building to call out for Stark. Sadurang's sheer presence unwittingly caused the systems of Stark Unlimited to become corrupted with his magic. Since Iron Man was away, Sadurang was attacked by Jim Rhodes in the Manticore, as well as Dr. Shapiro in a battle armor. Sadurang overpowered them both, but Iron Man arrived, and the dragon was subsequently overwhelmed by Stark's robots and his allies and retreated.[1]

The dragon attacked the New York Stock Exchange and killed everyone inside under the impression that Stark's fortune was being guarded there. Iron Man's suit became infected with Sadurang's magic, causing it to transmute into a magical armor. Stark attempted to pursue Sadurang, but he was overpowered and mocked for his failings. Iron Man managed to scrape by using magic, and fled to discard his transmuted suit. Sadurang gave chase, but was distracted long enough by Stark's girlfriend and ally, the Wasp, to allow him to change into the Iron Man Armor Model 1. The armor's focus on brute strength combined with its primitive technology, meaning it couldn't become corrupted by Sadurang's magic, gave Iron Man the edge necessary to defeat the dragon and knock him unconscious.[3]

After Malekith's invasion of Midgard was thwarted,[4] Sadurang fled to the town of Bruges, Belgium for refuse to rest. Anyone who disturbed him he instantly incinerated with his fire breath. Needing the Eye of Agamotto in Sadurang's possession, Doctor Strange sent Magik, Conan, Juggernaut, and Black Knight to retrieve it. While Conan and Black Knight distracted Sadurang, Magik teleported Juggernaut high into the air so he could crash into the dragon with great force. Sadurang withstood the powerful blow, though forced to transform into his human form. Magik, Conan, and Black Knight then surrounded him.[5]

However, Sadurang was able to transform back into his dragon form and continued fighting. Magik was able to revert Sadurang back into his human form with her Soulsword after Conan was able to expose a vulnerable spot on the dragon. Magik then decided not to kill Sadurang. Instead, she tricked him by teleporting him to Limbo and stranding him there after he willingly gave up his Eye of Agamotto.[2]


Sadurang is vain and prideful. He is motivated purely by greed; having agreed to help Malekith kill Iron Man for his promised riches. Sadurang has little care for others, and is prone to threatening or outright murdering anybody that disturbs him.[6]



Magic: Sadurang is a powerful sorcerer who trained under Dormammu's tutelage.[1] The dragon's sheer presence caused the systems of Stark Unlimited to become corrupted with magic, and it caused Iron Man's armor to transmute.[3]

Shapeshifting: Sadurang is capable of changing into the form of a human.[1]

Fire Breath: Sadurang can release a powerful stream of fire from his mouth, instantly scorching defenseless victims.[1]

Superhuman Durability: Sadurang possessed a very high degree of durability, allowing him to withstand harsh blows and not be seriously injured.[3][5]


Sadurang isn't resistant to his own flames. He is also vulnerable to magical forces like magic from Cyttorak and weapons that can counteract magic like the Soulsword.[2]



Formerly Agamotto's Eye of Power.


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