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Iron Man had reconfigured his armor's power systems after having health problems. This new 'safe' design was somewhat larger (too big to fit in his briefcase) due to more insulation, so a special module was designed. When needed Tony could call the module to him and have it 'tessellate' around him.[1]

While using the armor, Tony recovered Jocasta's A.I. and downloaded it through his armor. This inadvertently caused the "Ultron Imperative" to be placed inside the armor.[2]

While battling Whiplash during a thunderstorm, the armor seemed to not be functioning correctly. Whiplash's improved electric whip caused a massive discharge in combination with the storm, and Tony suffered a massive heart attack as a result. When he recovered, Jocasta informed a horrified Stark that his armor had become sentient.[3]

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After the A.I. died saving Tony Stark, by tearing out its own cyborg "heart", it gave the "heart" to Tony to replace his damaged one, ultimately saving his life. Despite Tony also suffering a sudden change of heart and begging the Armor to let him in so that he could save them both, the Armor refused, telling its creator, "No more -- no more, Tony. Haven't you done enough already?" The Armor died after giving Tony a final goodbye. Tony buried the Armor on the island, with a grave marker reading "Here lies Iron Man, Avenger."[4]

The Sons of Yinsen found the Armor, hoping it could resurrect Ho Yinsen. Instead, they had revived Ultron. Ultron surmised that the Armor's moments of helpfulness must have come from the personalities of Jocasta and Ultron-12, who had previously helped Tony and the Avengers against him. Jocasta uploaded herself into the armor to stop Ultron, but it triggered a self-destruct sequence. It is believed to have been destroyed along with the Sons of Yinsen.[5]


The armor possesses 85 Tons strength, invulnerability, various sensors, and flight. The armor is capable of repulsors, uni-beam, pulse bolts, magnetism, sonics, and knockout gas.

In short, as an armor created and worn by Stark, it possesses all of the same capabilities.

Limitations: The armor had not adjusted to feelings of pain, anger, and love for its creator. In its sentient state the armor also consumed much more power and had to recharge often.

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