Safron was the girlfriend of vampire hunter Blade and a showgirl at a London night club. They met when Blade was working as a trumpeter in a jazz club. Safron was enjoying his playing when she was harassed by a pimp named Ponce, but was saved by Blade.[1] She would get irritated at him constantly leaving to go and take care of things,[2] but appreciated his heroic deeds and loved him nonetheless.[3] She was devoted to him to the point that she decided to go meet him in Boston, claiming that London "was a drag" due to him not being there.[4]

She later mourns over Blade after it was believed that he died,[5] but was relieved to discover that it was only a vampiric clone.[6] After the defeat of Deacon Frost, Safron consoled Blade and tried to convince him to have a normal life with her. Nevertheless, she got intertwined in another adventure with Blade involving his friend Musenda and his infected wife Lorraine.[7] She had another adventure exposing television host Tony Hubris as a vampire.[8]

Sometime later, Safron and Blade broke up due to the latter's lifestyle and the former moved to New Orleans to work at Garwood Industries. By sheer chance, the two of them reunited when a newly revived Frost and his new ally Marie Laveau arrive to take control of the crime there. Safron was unsure of how to take Blade's arrival, but she was confident that he would take care of Frost. When Frost managed to escape, Blade reveals to Hannibal King that he and Safron were working things out due to her being a target.[9] Despite this, she has not bee seen since.

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