Sagayo was a spy for the Imperial Japanese army during World War II. Prior to the war he was a tutor who helped teach a young man named Dillo, whose father was an American exporter. He taught Dillo to be loyal to the Japanese government over the years and it was a view point that Dillo maintained into adult hood even after her joined the American Navy. When World War II broke out, Dillo, now a Lieutenant, began communicating with Sagayo and plotted to destroy the air craft carrier he was stationed on off the shores of New Guinea.

This plotting was witness by his colleague Lieutenant Gale. When Gale confronted Dillo, he was shot in cold blood. This shooting was witnessed by Doug "Jap Buster" Johnson who tried to subdue Dillo. Dillo threw Johnson overboard and left him to die and fled the ship.

Back on New Guinea, he and Sagayo found that Johnson survived and was seemingly stricken by amnesia. They convinced Johnson to pilot a radio control plane armed with a torpedo to attack the aircraft carrier. Johnson snapped out of his amnesia just in time to prevent the destruction of the aircraft carrier and then plotted with his commanding officers how to lead Sagayo and Dillo into a trap. Rushing back to Sagayo's hut and pretending to still have amnesia, Johnson claimed that the American Navy was after him after he failed in his mission. Getting Dillo to explain his relationship to Sagayo, Johnson gave the signal to the Navy soldiers that landed on the island and an attack broke out.

During their struggle to eliminate Johnson and get away, both Sagayo and Dillo were disarmed. Feeling that he had dishonored his ancestors Sagayo committed Soppeku, dying in the process. When Dillo attempted to do the same he was stopped by Johnson and turned over to the military for sentencing.

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