The Sagittarians were aliens subdued by the world-destroying threat Galaxy Master - they accepted bondage to this being in exchange of their civilization being provisionally spared[1] even if several Sagittarians disagreed with being executioners of other civilizations.[2]

The Sagittarians visited the Savage Land and left the android known as Umbu the Unliving there to protect a doomsday device that would destroy the Earth.[3] When Ka-Zar and the Incredible Hulk successfully ended this threat, the Saggitarians took a comatose Bruce Banner as a prisoner on their space ship.[2] The Sagittarian soldiers soon regretted their actions as the Hulk would lead a rebel group led by Princess Daydra to successfully overthrow the Galaxy Master.[1]

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Habitat: 71% covered by water with mountainous, semi-arid environment[4]
Gravity: 110% Earth standard[4]
Atmosphere: 74% nitrogen, 20% oxygen[4] (thus 6% unknown)
Population: 4.5 billion through the Sagittarian empire[4]


Type of Government: Monarchial semi-militaristic empire governing all planets in the Rempit solar system[4]
Level of Technology: Advanced interstellar starships with warp drive, tractor beams, psionic technology, force fields, advanced medical techniques, and interdimensionial travel and communication[4]
Cultural Traits: Freedom-loving, courageous[4]
Representatives: Danad, Princess Daydra, Hoora, Jalin, Kusek, Slee, Warlord Supreme

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