Sagittarius is first encountered during Tony Stark's battle against Yinsen. When the JSDF attempt to get involved, firing upon Yinsen, he signals Sagittarius to attack them. Firing from cover, he decimates them. Revealing himself, Yinsen orders Sagittarius to finish Tony, but after a short encounter, Tony dodging the Zodiac member's attack, Sagittarius retreats into the woods, leaving Tony without a lead.

Sagittarius later reappears, being sent to once again attempt to finish the job. Pursuing Tony and Captain Sakurai, Sagittarius nearly kills the latter before Tony blows his arm off. After being injured and losing its primary weapon, Sagittarius is quickly dispatched by a volley of Repulsor fire from Tony.


Centaur Form: Sagittarius possessed the body of a Centaur, this allowed him to run at a surprisingly fast pace and attack while on the move with his bow. It's speed was enough to keep pace with a jeep on the open road and his leaping ability was such that he could jump clear over a parked vehicle while leaving a sizable distance on either side. Furthermore, his armoured exterior proved invulnerable to small arms fire like many of the other Zodiac Mechs.


Arm Mounted Bow: Sagittarius had a bow built into it's right arm that could fire powerful energy projectiles. The shots fired before splitting into numerous smaller projectiles, each having enough power to pierce clean through JSDF vehicles before exploding.

  • Sagittarius is not seen again in episode 9 after his encounter with Tony, making him the Only Zodiac Mech to survive more than one episode without being replaced.
  • While no direct statistics are given for the dimensions of the Zodiac mechs, Sagittarius provides one of the best visual comparisons. It's hind section standing taller than the roof of a JSDF jeep with it's human torso being a similar height again.
  • Of all the members of Zodiac, Sagittarius is the one that is most similar to it's original interpretation, possessing the form and armaments of the Centaur Chiron.

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