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The Sahara Desert is the world's third-largest desert. It is located in Northern Africa and spreads from the shores of the Red Sea to the Atlantic, spanning 12 African nations.[1]

20th Century[]

In 1949, the Sub-Mariner and Namora were dumped in the middle of the Sahara by international criminal Squire Bones and left to die. However, the pair found an ancient aqueduct constructed by the ancient Greek. They eventually caught up and captured Bones.[2]

Sahara Desert from Tony Stark Iron Man Vol 1 5 001

Modern Age[]

As part of his efforts to help improve the world, Arno Stark used his advanced knowledge to develop a new strain of wheat that could grow in the desert. However, the organization Arno worked with abused of his invention by planting more fields, causing the crops to rob each other of the little moisture there was. Due to this negligence, Arno refused to help restore the crops despite acknowledging he could do so.[3]

Alternate Universes[]


When Xemnu challenged the Hulk to a fight, his opponent chose the Sahara Desert as their battleground so no one would get hurt in the process.[4]


Bolivar Trask used the Sahara Desert to rebuild the Master Mold, until it was destroyed by the X-Men.[5]

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