Anna was the illegitimate daughter of a male Argentinian priest and a young Irish missionary. She is born in County Kerry, Ireland. Her birth brought scandal until her mutant powers of healing and limited telekinesis manifest. This generated a group of worshipful followers, which is where her code name originates from.

Saint Anna was a member of the mutant team X-Force, and given that she was devoutly Christian, she was one of the few members to join the team for purely altruistic reasons. Her first time in public with the team got them attacked by the former members of X-Force, who disliked the methods of the new group. Saint Anna hung back and offered to cure the perceived pain of Anarchist, offering to move him inside.

Her first mission, as detailed by Coach, involved rescuing a young child named Paco Perez being mistreated. Paco's body had the potential for the cures to many diseases. Coach claimed it was for the boy's own well being and safety, but as would be revealed later, he only wanted Perez so American forces can exploit him.[citation needed]

First and Last Mission

The mission didn't go well. The team was attacked right away and Bloke was killed defending their contact. U-Go-Girl teleported the team into the cell holding Perez. Military forces attacked, and since Paco was attached to so many machines, he could not instantly be removed. The team fights a delaying action and Saint Anna was shot in the stomach.

The team escaped, Paco in tow. Mister Sensitive promised to find the father she never knew and gave him her mother's ring. Anna died and disintegrated, her ashes entering Mister Sensitive. Guy kept his word and "sneezed" her ashes around her father. Miraculously, this gave the former priest memories of Saint Anna's entire life, which left him overjoyed. Paco, despite the team's orders, was left in the priest's care.[citation needed]


  • Telekinesis: Anna had telekinesis and telekinetically powered molecular stasis.
  • Healing: She could heal other people.
  • Gaseous Form: She could change into a gaseous form.

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