The origin of the man known only as Saint Elmo has yet to be revealed. He claimed to be the legendary Keeper of the Northern Lights, and a god thousands of years old.

Saint Elmo (Earth-616) from Alpha Flight Special Vol 2 1 001

At some point, he came in contact with James Hudson's Department H and was recruited in the first Flight (the predecessor to Alpha Flight). One of the more battle-experienced members of the team, Elmo's largest fault was his good-natured arrogance, and slight superiority complex over "mere mortals."

The team's first mission was to stop the American criminal Egghead from launching a nuclear missile into New York City from a Canadian base. During the mission, they were able to defeat Egghead and his superhuman agents but could not de-arm the missile. Faced with the imminent explosion, Saint Elmo sacrificed his life to save his team-mates' by absorbing the missile, and the force of the explosion, into himself, scattering his form.


  • Photokinesis: Saint Elmo had the ability to generate light and absorb light.
    • Transillumination: He also had the power to temporarily transform objects into light.
  • Self-Propelled Flight: He could also apparently fly or at least float.

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