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Saint Patrick's Cathedral was a historic Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic church located in Manhattan.


Cloak took the Runaways to this church, where they learned about Cloak being framed for attacking Dagger. Molly Hayes stayed in the cathedral with Father Lantom while the rest of the team worked to clear Cloak's name.[2]

Glorianna made her public debut at Saint Patrick's Cathedral. She tried to show people that God had abandoned them and that she was his replacement. Spider-Man arrived and tried to convince her otherwise, but and failed and the two ended up fighting. When Glorianna's girlfriend ran into the church, Glorianna was shocked and accidentally threw her attack at Jasmine instead of Spider-Man. Rhonda teleported away and Spider-Man took Jasmine to the Mercy Medical Center.[1]

Alternate Realities

Ultimate Marvel Universe (Earth-1610)

The memorial for the victims of Hulk's attack on downtown New York.[3] Additionally, the funerals of the Hulk[4] and Spider-Man took place in the Saint Patrick's Cathedral.[5]

House of M (Earth-58163)

House of M

The Exiles met with Moira MacTaggert in the Cathedral's shelter, to discuss a battle plan against her son.[6]

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